SSO error codes

If you receive an error code when attempting to log in to Symphony via SSO, use the table below to obtain a more detailed description of the error (Table 1):

Error Code Error Description
1  SSO Protocol error
2  No user name found in SAML assertion
3  No user account found in the system
4  No X.509 certificate found in the system
5  Only POST request is supported
6  Incorrect SAML SSO POST data
7  The site is not allowed to use SSO
8  Incorrect X.509 certificate to validate SAML assertion
9  Loading configuration error
10  The value of NameQualifier does not match site URL
11  Unable to reach Assertion Party
12  Failed to resolve SAML Artifact
13  Invalid SAML assertion
14  Recipient does not match
15  X.509 certificate has expired
16  User account is locked
17  User account is expired
18  User account has been deactivated
19  SAML assertion is expired
20  SAML assertion is unsigned
21  User role is not allowed to login
22  Invalid RequestedSecurityToken
23  Invalid digital signature
24  Untrusted Issuer
25  Name Identifier format is incorrect
26  Unable to generate AuthnRequest
27  Unable to generate Logout Request
28  InResponseTo does not match the request ID
29  Invalid Response message
30  Invalid Request message
31  Auto Account Create failed
32  Auto Account Update failed

Table 1 SSO Error Codes

If the error persists, please contact the Symphony Support team at with the SSO error code and inform them that you are experiencing issues with SSO login.


Note: In addition to the SSO error code, please also capture your Console log and HAR file to aid investigations