Failed due to heavy traffic error

A user may receive an error message stating Failed due to heavy traffic (Figure 1) if the number of concurrent connections to download an attachment has exceeded the default value set for your Symphony pod.



Figure 1 Failed Due To Heavy Traffic


The default value is set as 50 connections per node so depending on your pod, this value may be different.


For example, if an attachment is being sent in a large room with 500 users, the first 50 users will be able to view the attachment immediately, but the 51st user viewing the attachment simultaneously will receive the Failed due to heavy traffic error and a Retry button will be displayed to them.


Depending on the size of the attachment, the user will have to wait a few milliseconds or longer to click Retry to download the attachment.


Note: After Symphony version 1.54, a timeout between 1 to 20 is defined, so the user will no longer need to click retry manually to download the attachment. If the automatic download still doesn't work, the user can also click the Retry button to receive the file(s)