A network error interrupted SSO mobile error

In some situations, both Android and iOS mobile users may receive a network error interrupted SSO error as below:

When experiencing this error during the login process, mobile users will be unable to successfully login to Symphony on their device, or perform certain operations requiring access to the Key Managers (KM).

This error typically occurs for customers with on-prem components after they have updated their KM inserting SSL certificates with a validity period larger than 398 days.

Mobile vendors have reduced the accepted certificate validity period to 398 days for any certificate issued starting from 1 September 2020 (any certificates issued prior to this date will have expired on 1 September 2022).

Further information on certificate validity periods can be found below:

Mobile vendors recommend to set the maximum validity period of the SSL certificate to 397 days instead of 398 to account for leap seconds or CA-configured randomization.

To resolve this issue, a new SSL certificate with the correct period validity will need to be generated and inserted into the KM(s). 

If you require further assistance with KM certificates, please contact the Symphony Support team at support@symphony.com.