Could not decrypt this message or failed to send error message

If a user is unable to send messages in Symphony and/or sees an error message stating Could not decrypt this message (Figure 1) or Failed to send (Figure 2), the likely root cause is the Key Manager being unable to retrieve a key from the Keystore.



Figure 1 Could Not Decrypt This Message



Figure 2 Failed To Send


If this issue is experience by one user, it maybe a local caching problem and clearing the cache will rectify the issue. Refer to the Knowledge Article found here on how to clear your cache.


If the issue is happening to multiple users, please follow the below steps:


1. Perform a Key Manager Health Check:




Note: One or more of the Key Managers maybe down or be experiencing an issue
2. Restart the affected Key Manager. Sometimes the health check may appear healthy, however their could be other corruptions that may have caused the issue
If the issue still persists after a restart please contact the Symphony Support team at and inform them that you are experiencing issues with your Key Manager(s).