Invalid username and password error

When logging in to Symphony, users may experience an Invalid username or password error which a password reset does not fix.


The likely cause of this error is that the username and email address don't match, and this causes confusion for the end user. Some organizations may have both the username and email address set with the same value, however, it is possible the username is just the first part of the email address without the domain details, such as

To resolve this, check with your internal IT team to see if there is any issue with your account and ask them to confirm the username and email address value for your account.

Additionally, depending where you are logging in from:

  • Chrome/Symphony Desktop Application (SDA): Use the username value.
  • Symphony mobile app: Use the email address value.
  • If your company has Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled: Check with your internal IT team.

See Symphony login issues for more detailed troubleshooting information.