Expression Filters v3

Expression filters reduce the risk of your employees creating inappropriate content and affecting the reputation or compliance of the company. One example of an expression filter is profanity filtering.

With expression filters v3 with SymProxy, a user can select a phrase or phrases to log, warn about or block before the message is sent.

EFv3 is not installed by default on your instance, you must request your Technical Account Manager (TAM), Solutions Architect(s) or Account Manager to have your instance configured to use it.

To access expression filters v3:

  1. In Symphony, select the Settings icon.


  1. Select Admin Portal. This option is only available if you're a designated Administrator with Admin Portal access.
  2. Select Begin Session.

Note: Session Objective and Comments are optional fields and are not required to access the Admin Portal.

  1. Navigate to Expression Filters (v3) under Compliance.


From here, internal Symphony admins with the Expression Filtering Policy Management role can configure several different items:

  • Message content:
    • When message content is set to Log event, users can still directly send a message with content issues, but a record of this message will be logged in the audit.
    • When message content is set to Warn user before sending, a warning will be displayed for messages sent with content issues, but the user can ignore this warning and continue to send the message.

    • When message content is set as Block user from sending, a warning will be displayed for messages sent with content issues. The user will not be able to send the message and must edit or remove the message.

  • File content.
  • Scope.

Users can limit the filtering scan to the message only and specify the types of attached files to include.

Users can also define the scope of the scan to be Internal chats and rooms, External chats and rooms or both.


For more information on expression filtering in Symphony, see also Expression filters.

For detailed information on Expression Filtering v3, refer to the latest Symphony Admin Guide on Symphony Docs.