On-prem Media Bridge (MB) log file missing

In Symphony version 1.59, an issue was found where the mbr.log was missing after the Media Bridge (MB) installation. The jvb.log was written to the logs folder as expected during this install, but the mbr.log was omitted.

This issue was fixed in version 1.60 and all subsequent releases, but a workaround is available for version 1.59 by explicitly setting the path in the environment.properties file on the MB and restarting the service.

Set the path for the environment.properties file:

  1. Sign in to your on-premise Media Bridge.
  2. Stop the MB by running the following command:
 ./manage.sh stop
  1. Verify that the MB has stopped by running the following command:
./manage.sh status
  1. Edit the environment.properties file and add the following line:
export LOG_FILE=" $HOME/mbr.log"
  1. Save the file.
  2. Start the MB by running the following command:
/manage.sh start
  1. The mbr.log will now be available at the path specified above.