Capture HAR file logs

HAR file logs contain useful logging information which can assist in troubleshooting certain scenarios.

Capture HAR file logs:

  1. Display Developer Tools: Press ctrl+shift+i in the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) or F12 in Google Chrome.
  2. Navigate to the Network tab and select the Preserve log checkbox.

  1. The next time the issue occurs, navigate to the page/item that is experiencing the problem and select Export HAR... from the Network menu.

    • Depending on the nature of the issue, it might take some time for it to reoccur.
    • In some situations, the Symphony Support team may ask you to reload Symphony before reproducing the issue in order to capture the application's startup and communication with your Symphony instance. To reload Symphony, ensure the SDA is in focus and press ctrl+r.
  1. Download and save the file.
  2. If possible, compress the HAR file. Then, send the file to the Symphony Support team at

Note: If the files are too large to email, inform the Symphony Support team. They can arrange to receive it using a secure file transfer site, Filevault.