MSiInstaller/Restart manager error

Occasionally the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) can restart unexpectedly without any error being captured in the crash files.


Check if an unexpected restart is due to a MSiInstaller/Restart Manager error by following the steps below:


1. From the SDA, click on Show crash dump in Explorer from the Troubleshooting menu under Help (Figure 1):



Figure 1 Show Crash Dump in Explorer


2. Open Event Viewer and navigate to Application under Windows Logs (Figure 2):



Figure 2 Event Viewer


3. Search for any errors relating to the MSiInstaller or Restart Manager (Figure 3):



Figure 3 Application Logs


4. If the error states A more recent version of Symphony is already installed on this computer, this could indicate your Windows back-end is pushing an installation of an older version of the SDA. In this case, please notify your internal IT help desk and ask them to prevent the deployment of an older SDA


Note: If the error states something different, please contact the Symphony Support team at and inform them that you are experiencing issues with an unexpected restart of the SDA