Capture Media Bridge (MB) logs

Media Bridge (MB) logs contain useful logging information which can assist in troubleshooting certain scenarios.

Note: On-cloud deployments are not covered in this article.

When the MB is configured, the default location of the logs is set in the file. If the default value of /tmp/logs remains, a user will see the following files in this directory:

  • /tmp/logs/smb.log
  • /tmp/logs/smb.log.xxxx-xx-xx.gz
  • /tmp/logs/mbr.log
  • /tmp/logs/mbr.log.xxxx-xx-xx.gz
    • Where xxxx-xx-xx is a date.

To aid with investigation of MB issues, collect these logs and send them to the Symphony Support team at

Note: If the files are too large to email, inform the Symphony Support team. They can arrange to receive it using a secure file transfer site, Filevault.