Create a new admin account

Admin accounts have the ability to perform certain tasks such as creating new users, viewing usage statistics and configuring what apps users can access.


Note: All pods should have 2 Super Admin accounts as a back up in case the credentials for one account are lost. If both credentials are lost, Symphony will not have access to your pod.


To create a new admin account, navigate to Create An Account in the Admin Portal under Accounts. Enter the Basic Information of the user under the End-User Account tab and select their Role Type as Administrator/Super Administrator (Figure 1):



Figure 1 Create An Account


Note: First Name and Last name have a 64 character limit.


Note: All other fields have a 256 character limit.


Select whether their password is emailed to them as a link, is automatically generated by Symphony or is set manually (Figure 2:)



Figure 2 Password


Complete the rest of the account information, for example Contact Information, Business Information and Entitlements.


Select Create to save the new admin account (Figure 3):



Figure 3 Create


Further information on accounts can be found here.