Create a new admin account

Admin accounts have the ability to perform certain tasks such as creating new users, viewing usage statistics and configuring which apps users can access.

Note: All Symphony instances should have 2 Super Admin accounts as backup in case the credentials for one account are lost. If both credentials are lost, Symphony will not have access to your instance.

To create a new admin account:

  1. Navigate to Create An Account in the Admin Portal under Accounts.
  2. Enter the Basic Information of the user under the End-User Account tab and select their Role Type as Administrator/Super Administrator.


  • The First Name and Last Name fields have a 64 character limit.
  • All other fields have a 256 character limit.
  1. Select whether their password is emailed to them as a link, is automatically generated by Symphony or is set manually.


  1. Complete the rest of the account information, for example Contact Information, Business Information and Entitlements.
  2. Select Create to save the new admin account.


For more information on accounts, refer to the Symphony Admin Guide.