Customize your contacts

You can give key contacts a special name, color or sound to help them stand out from others. These customizations are only visible to you.

Note: When chat customization is activated, it overrides the general notification settings with the exception of @mention notifications as they override all customizations. 

To customize a contact, you can attribute this user a:

  • nickname or alias
  • color
  • notification sound 
  • notification counter badge + chat flashing in chat list

You can also customize your chat room and notifications.

  1. From a direct chat, select the three dot menu and choose Chat details, or click the user's profile picture to open their profile and select the Edit profile icon.

  1. Select Customize in the chat details to access the customization options.

  1. Choose a custom display name, a color, a notification sound, or a flashing effect in the chat list for new messages with counter badge for this chat.