@mention others

Get someone’s attention by @mentioning them.

  1. Type @ before the person’s name and matching names will display as you type.

  1. Select the person you want from the list and the name will turn blue in your text box.

Note: You can @mention multiple people simultaneously.

  1. You can also mention @all or @online in chats with less than 30 members.



When you send your message, the person you @mention will receive a red alert in their notifications. Likewise, if someone @mentions you, it appears in your notifications in red too.

Your mentions appear in highlighted red to help you identify where you are tagged in a message.

  1. Click an @mention badge sent in a chat to open the chat with this person.
  2. If you are not yet connected with this person, you can send them a connection request.

If you are mentioned in a public room where you are not a member, you will receive the notification but you will not be able to see the message unless you join the room.


If you are mentioned in a private room where you are not a member, you will not receive any notification.