Accept/decline chats

You can choose to receive alerts for new messages sent in chats inactive for more than 8 hours or messages sent in hidden chats. These alerts are displayed in the center of the platform as popup notifications so you can't miss them.

  1. Click outside the alert to continue working.
  2. Go back to the alerts you received from the Profile icon on the right side.

Activate accept/decline chats

  1. Open the Settings and select the General tab.


  1. Enable the Accept/decline chats setting.

Alert settings

At least one of the following alert settings must be enabled otherwise you won't get any alerts. You can choose which kind of messages you want to be alerted by.

  1. Open the Settings and select the General tab.
  2. Go to the Accept/decline chats feature settings and select one or both options.

You received a chat alert

When you receive a chat alert, a notification pops up with the option to Snooze, Decline, or Accept to chat.

  • Snooze: The sender doesn't receive any automatic reply. You will get a reminder every 10 minutes until you accept or decline it.

  • Decline: The sender receives an automatic reply stating "Is not available at the moment".

You are asked to confirm your choice to decline as well as choose if you would like to be reminded of the chat or not. If you check the Don't warn me again option, you will no longer receive notifications about that chat.

  • Accept: The chat opens and the sender receives an automatic reply stating "Accepted the chat request".