Key Manager (KM) method not allowed error

After performing a Key Manager (KM) health check on the host:

curl -k https://localhost:8443/relay/HealthCheck/

You may occasionally receive a "status": 405,"error": "Method Not Allowed" error:

{"timestamp":"2023-05-29T14:53:18.486+00:00","status":405,"error":"Method Not Allowed","path":"/relay/HealthCheck/"}bash-4.2$.

Note: This applies to KM version 20.14 and higher.

To resolve the error:

  1. Navigate to the default KM configuration directory
  2. Update the parameter in the configuration file as shown below:
  1. Save the configuration file.
  2. Restart the KM.
  3. Perform the health check from the host again and confirm the error no longer occurs.
curl -k https://localhost:8443/relay/HealthCheck/

Alternatively, you can use the health check URL from a browser:
  • companyabc is the name of your pod.