Key Manager (KM) method not allowed error

After performing a Key Manager (KM) health check on the host, occasionally you may receive a "status": 405,"error": "Method Not Allowed" error (Figure 1 and Figure 2):

curl -k https://localhost:8443/relay/HealthCheck/

Figure 1 Health check

{"timestamp":"2023-05-29T14:53:18.486+00:00","status":405,"error":"Method Not Allowed","path":"/relay/HealthCheck/"}bash-4.2$.

Figure 2 Error

Note: This applies to KM version 20.14 and higher.

To resolve this, navigate to the default KM configuration directory and update the parameter in the configuration file as show in Figure 3:


Figure 3 Parameter

Once this has been done, save the configuration file and restart the KM. You can then perform the health check from the host again and confirm the error no longer occurs (Figure 4):

curl -k https://localhost:8443/relay/HealthCheck/

Figure 4 Health check

Alternatively, from a browser you can use the health check URL (Figure 5): 

Figure 5 Health check URL

Note: Where companyabc is the name of your pod.