Create and save workspaces

Workspaces enable you to conveniently group and organize your chats by allowing you to build a grid of multiple chats within multiple tabs. For example, you can arrange six chats in one tab. You can create and save workspaces in both modes; Workspaces don't carry over between modes.

To create a new workspace:

  1. Drag and drop chats from the Chat List into the grid. The tab name changes to "(double-click to save)".

  1. Double-click that tab to rename it, which saves the workspace. You can identify open tabs as workspaces by the icon in the tab.

  1. Go to or reopen a workspace from the Workspaces button in the top right corner.

  1. In Capital Markets mode, drag and drop an open chat to add it to another open workspace. The initial workspace will remain open. The open chats in the destination workspace won’t be changed.

When you add, remove, or rearrange chats in a workspace, the layout is automatically saved and relaunches with your changes. You can open up to 12 workspaces simultaneously and pop out individual chats from workspaces to gain screen real estate.