Choose your mode

Choose between two modes on Symphony 2.0 via Settings > General: Essential Collaboration mode or Capital Markets mode.


Each mode has unique defaults and, in some cases, features designed to help users get the most out of Symphony. Learn more about each mode below and read our latest blog for even more information. 


Essential Collaboration mode


  • Built for: those in development, IT, and day-to-day operations at financial services firms
  • Key features: clean, simple interface; choice between light or dark visual theme; tabs for multitasking; workspaces; single, fixed chat list



Capital Markets mode


  • Built for: those who work in capital markets and/or collaborate with clients or other external contacts on Symphony 
  • Key features: dark, condensed visual theme and notification sounds are on by default; built-in workspace exclusively for external chats; separate chat lists for individual workspaces; activity feed open to monitor all incoming chats



Note: This feature is not available in Symphony 1.5