Message limitations

There are limitations in place for each message that is sent on Symphony. These limitations are detailed below:
Note: The limitations are only applied to the Symphony Desktop Application or web version. For API limitations, please refer to for further information
  • The current limitation for a messages is maximum of 30,000 characters, including no more than 40 hashtag/cashtags or @mentions in the same message
  • File limitation is 25MB in total for each message, e.g. if you upload 3 files with 9MB each in the same message, it will exceed the limit
  • If the pod has Expression Filtering version 3 (EFv3) enabled, the following applies:
    • File limitation is 5MB in total for each message
    • The actual content of the file in the message needs to be parsed. This means the file must be a PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Zip or other text-like files. The file limitation is not applied to a message with 10MB worth of PNG files
    • The message requires Data Loss Prevention (DLP) inspection based on the policies created in the pod. For example, assume all policies are for external conversations and a message with a 4MB PDF file and 2MB Word file is sent in an internal conversation. The 5MB limit is not applied to that message because the message doesn't require parsing. If the message is sent externally, the 5MB limit is applied to that message and the message would fail to send due to the aggregated 5MB size limit
    • If the file is a Zip file, the size check is done on the Zip file itself, not on the size of the files within the Zip. Therefore, a 6MB Zip file containing 5 PNG images will fail to send due to the aggregated 5MB size limit
Note: The 5MB limit will be removed in a future release of DLP