You can use keywords to track key topics without using tags. Keywords you track appear highlighted in chats.

Keywords will only apply to rooms or chats that you are a member of and all public chats.

  1. Go to the Signals and Tags section under your chat list.
  2. Select the three dots menu, then the Manage option.
  3. Select the Keywords tab.
  4. Type the keywords you wish to highlight, separated by a comma, into the Topics you follow box.
  5. To highlight keywords only in your messages, select the Only messages I sent option.


  • All messages including your keywords will be displayed below the box.
  • Modify your keywords at any time to stay on top of the most relevant topics.
  • When you remove a keyword, previously tracked keyword activity will be removed from your feed.

For more details, refer to the Signals, Tags, and Keywords Starter Guide