Configure different sound notifications for messages

You can configure Symphony to send sound notifications for new received messages. You can select a notification sound for all chats, and additionally set a different notification sound for each chat. 

Sound notifications for messages in all chats

  1. In Symphony, select the Settings icon.


  1. Select the Notifications tab.

  1. Check the Sound checkbox of each message or chat type for which you want to be notified by sound notifications. 
  2. Select a sound type in the Message sound dropdown menu to get sound notifications.

If None is selected, you won't receive any sound notifications.

  1. Adjust the volume slider to set the notification sound volume.
  2. If you wish to have different sounds for Internal/External chats, enable Use separate external (EXT) settings.

  1. Configure the sound notifications for external chats.

Choose another sound for notifications in a chat

Custom chat settings take priority over the notification sound settings configured in the Settings menu.

  1. Select the three dot menu in any direct chat or chat room, then Chat details.

  1. Select Customize.

  1. Select the notification sound in the Message sound dropdown menu.