Unable to onboard a contact with an 8-digit Brazilian phone number

When trying to onboard a WhatsApp Connect contact from Brazil with an 8-digit phone number, users may receive the following error (Figure 1):


Figure 1 Error

This error is triggered due to a change by Brazil telecom providers expanding the available phone numbers in that country. As part of this change, 8-digit legacy numbers were also provided an equivalent 9 digit number.

To translate an 8-digit number to a 9-digit one, add a 9 before the phone number, but after the country code and area code:

 8 Digit Number  +55 35 1234 5678
 9 Digit Number  +55 35 91234 5678

Table 1 Numbers

If the new 9-digit number is still not accepted, please contact Symphony Support at support@symphony.com

Full details on WhatsApp Connect can be found below:

WhatsApp Connect Admin and User Guide

If you require further assistance on WhatsApp Connect, please contact the Symphony Support team at support@symphony.com