Auditorium room functionality

All rooms with a current membership of more than 500 users are now categorized as Auditorium rooms. It is important to note that Auditorium rooms have a few behaviors different from smaller chat rooms:

  • Only owners will see system messages indicating that a user has joined or left.
  • Delivery receipts are not generated for any messages, but read receipts are available.
  • Join and leave events are only sent to the person joining or leaving and to the requester. They are not distributed to any other members of the room.
  • The chime functionality is disabled.
  • The count of members in the room does not refresh automatically. The user can obtain the current number of members via the information section for the room or by refreshing Symphony.

Note: Only Symphony Admins can create an Auditorium room. 

Note: The exact limit on the number of users that can be added to a single room will depend on your pod configuration and can be confirmed with your Technical Account Manager (TAM) or the Symphony Support Team.

If you require further assistance with an Auditorium room, please contact the Symphony Support team at