Mute a chat

You can turn off notifications for a specific chat by muting it. You cannot mute or unmute a chat from within the chat, but only from the chat list.

From your desktop app or web browser

  1. Select the three dot menu on any chat in your chat list, then select Mute.

Figure 1 Mute

Muted chats are indicated by a strikethrough bell icon in your chat list and on the chat itself.

Muted chat in chat list

Muted chat in chat module 

  1. To unmute a chat, select the three dot menu on a muted chat in your chat list and select Unmute.

From Symphony Mobile

  1. From the chat list, swipe left with your finger on a chat to mute the chat.
  2. Swipe left again to unmute a chat.

Note: Swiping right hides the chat!