In-room search

Scroll down to see how to do this in Symphony 1.5


In Symphony 2.0:


Find things faster with in-room search. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of an open chat or use the keyboard shortcut (ctrl + F for PC, cmd + f for Mac) to open the advanced search panel. The In filter will be populated with the room name you are searching (figure 1).


Figure 1 Open in-room search

Type a name or keyword into the search bar at the top of the panel and add other filters such as date and attachments. Hit enter to run the search (figure 2).


Figure 2 Add additional filters 




In Symphony 1.5:

Find things faster with In-room Search. Click the magnifier icon in the upper right of your chat and type a name or keyword (Figure 1):


Figure 1 In-room Search

For more specific results, filter by sender name or attachment type. Click Go here to see the message in the original chat (Figure 2):


Figure 2 Using In-room Filter