Message read & attachment download count

In Symphony, the message read count and the attachment download count are calculated in slightly different ways, therefore the 2 counts may not always appear to be in sync.

Message read count

When a user reads an unread message, a read receipt is generated and the count is increased by one. A message can only be read once - a user reading the same message for a second time will not result in the count increasing.

Attachment download count

When a user downloads an attachment, a preview of the attachment is generated and the count is multiplied by two:

  • one for the preview
  • one for the attachment itself


Three Symphony users are in a chat room and an image attachment is sent, which they all download. The total attachment download count will be six: three for the preview and three for the image attachment.

In this scenario, the attachment download count in the chat room will exceed the message read count. This does not mean the total counts are out of sync with each other.