Manage your chat layout

Manage your chat layout by using tabs, workspaces and pinned chats

Symphony tabs work like an internet browser. You can open multiple chats in one or more tabs and quickly switch between conversations:

  • Open up to 12 tabs with no limit on the number of chats in each tab.
  • Drag and drop individual chats to place them in a position of your choice.
  • Drag and drop tabs to place them in a position of your choice.
  • Drag and drop workspaces in Capital Markets mode to open them in your layout.

Note: Whilst there is no limit on the number of chats in each tab, a scroll bar will appear after a certain number of chats depending on your screen size.

  1. Manage your chat layout by selecting a single chat to open it in a tab, or drag and drop more chats to arrange them in a grid.



Note: Drop targets are highlighted in blue when you drag a chat over them.

You can drag and drop chats to swap their positions in the grid with several different grid layouts available to select. Additionally, tabs can be named, saved and re-opened as workspaces when you need to, and individual chats within a workspace can also be managed with drag and drop.

You can also drag and drop workspace tabs and extension apps to reorder your chat layout.

Additionally, important chats can be pinned so they are not automatically closed when another chat is opened. Pinned chats can be arranged in Symphony using drag and drop.

  1. Select the Pin icon in the top left corner to pin the chat.

  1. Unpin the chat by selecting the Pin icon again.