General settings

Customize Symphony to work the way you want it to.

  1. In Symphony, select the Settings icon.


  1. Select the General tab.
  2. From here, you can configure your options:
    • Mode: Custom defaults enabling for Capital Markets or Essential Collaboration 
    • Theme: Light or Dark 
    • Layout: Spacious or Condensed
    • Accept/decline chats
    • Activity Feed: Enable or disable the Activity Feed window.
    • Message sound: Enable or disable the notification sound if received messages.
    • Text Size
    • Media Settings: Show or hide image, video, and file previews
    • Tags
    • Workspace settings
    • Language 
    • Time format
    • Date format
    • Auto-hide preference: Remove inactive chats from your chat list after defined time period.

All setting options are saved automatically.