Set your presence status

You can change your presence status and let others know your availability from your profile picture in the bottom left corner of Symphony.

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  • Online - you are online, working and available.
  • Busy - you are online, working, but unavailable.
  • Be right back - you are working, but away from your machine for a short while.
  • Out of office - you are offline and not working.

Away, Offline and In a meeting

Your presence is dynamically updated based on your activity and will therefore switch to Away after 5 minutes of inactivity, or to Offline when you are not connected to Symphony.

When you are in a Symphony Meeting, your presence will automatically change to In a meeting.

These three statuses cannot be set manually and are not in the list of options.

Busy and Be right back

To change your presence status to Busy or Be right back, select the status from your profile picture menu.

To set a duration for your busy or away status:

  1. Select Set duration from your profile picture menu.
  2. Select Busy or Be right back as your presence status.
  3. From the Reset status after dropdown menu:
    1. Choose a duration (1/ 2 / 4 hours or Today), or
    2. Select Custom time and enter a time after which your status will be reset.
  4. Select Save. After the set period of time, your status will show that you are back online.

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Set duration - Reset status after...

Set duration - Custom time

  1. To change the set duration, click your profile picture, select Edit next to your status, and update the duration from the Update duration popup window.

Out of office

You can change your presence status to let people know you are out of office, as well as set an optional return date.

  1. To set your status to out of office, select Out of office from your profile picture menu, and click Save.

Leave unspecified is selected by default and your OOO status ends when you decide to change your status back to Online or another presence status.

  1. To  specify the day of your return, you can choose Tomorrow, Day after Tomorrow, or a Custom date.

If you pick the Custom date option, you can select the date in the calendar and choose if you want to activate the Custom time option to set the time of your return.

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  1. To view how other Symphony users see your out of office status, check the Status preview field.
  2. Click Save. After this set period of time, your status will show that you are back online. 

Other users' out of office status

You can see the out of office information of absent colleagues or contacts from their profile, in direct chats and member lists, when mentioning somebody in the message you are typing, and from hover cards in sent messages.

  • Out of office statuses are seen by other users from your company, and cross-companies.
  • To see the returning date of a user who is out of office, hover over their out of office status in the areas mentioned above.

Reset your status to Online

  • If you did not specify any date and time for your return, click your profile picture and select Online .
  • If you set a status duration, click your profile picture and select Reset status from the menu.