Chat details

You can access the details of any chat from the chat window to see information such as the name, creation date, members, attachments, and get the link to a chat room to send over.

  1. Select the three dot menu in any direct chat or chat room to access the Chat details.

From here, you can view chat room or direct chat information:

  • Chat room details: Name and creation date, room access options (Add people; Leave Room), room members, attachments, chat customization options, chat link including link copy option, room permissions, room deactivation option.
  • Direct chat details: contact name, chat attachments, chat customization options, contact profile access.


The room permissions dictate which functionality may, or may not be available, for example letting new members browse the entire history of the room.

  • Let new members browse history
  • Let members send messages
  • Let members copy messages
  • Let members add people
  • Make room discoverable