Leave a chat room

To leave a chat room if you’re not an owner, click on the three vertical dots in the top right of the room (Chat Details), then click Leave Room (Figure 1):



Figure 1 Leave a chat room quickly via the menu

You can also click Chat details to open the room inform
ation and then Leave room (Figure 2):


Figure 2 Leave room via the Chat details panel


If you don’t see the option to leave the room, it means you’re a chat room owner – you’ll have to first remove yourself as an owner.

To do this, navigate to the Chat details panel, click on Members. In the list, find your name and hover over it. When you see three dots, click them, then click Remove as owner (Figure 3):



Figure 3 Promote or demote a user 

Once you’re no longer an owner, you can leave the chat room using the steps above.