How to use a Box-On button

Once a Box-On call has been initiated, you can leave the line open as long as you need. The active call is muted on your side until you select the call button to talk. You can click to talk anytime you want to.

Boxed-On calls operate similarly to Shout Downs, as calls will occupy the microphone call well and utilize the same default output devices as your Shout Downs.

To talk to the far end:

  1. Select the the Box-On button to transmit and talk to the far-end user.
  2. Select the Box-On button, Global Release, or Release button in the Call Well to stop transmitting and go back to a muted state.

Note: Hanging up a Boxed-On call continues to leave the line connected. Your call is still ongoing and you can hear the far-end user, but you don’t transmit anymore.

Note: You can right-click the button and select Disconnect to end the call by disconnecting the line.

You can add a Box-On button to a Group Broadcast via the Box-On context menu:

  1. Open the right-click menu of a Box-On button.
  2. Select the checkbox of the Group Broadcast buttons you want to add the Box-On button to.

  1. You can see your changes from the right-click menu of the Group Broadcast button you added the Box-On button to.

  1. When you select the group broadcast button, all Shout Downs and Boxed-On lines become active and all far-ends individually hear you speaking.

Full details on Box-On can be found in the Box-On Starter Guide.

If you require further assistance on Box-On, please contact the C9 Support team at