Add existing connections

It is easy to add an existing connection to your Cloud9 Trader layout. All existing connections, whether old or new, are available for users to add and remove at any time through the C9 Community.

You can add:

  • Group connections
  • Intercom connections
  • Contacts
  • Hoot connections
  • TV Audio broadcasts

To add or remove existing connections from your button layout:

  1. Open the C9 Community from the icon in the left navigation bar.
  2. From the Connections tab, find the connection you want to add: You can scroll down the connections list or use the Search.
  3. Select the line to see more information about the connection at the bottom of the panel and which other users share that connection.

  1. Click the Add button of a connection, select the page of your button board where you would like the connection to appear, and click DONE.

  1. To remove a connection from your button board, select the Remove button next to the connection.