Use the Emoji icon to insert emojis in your messages.

Figure 1 Emoji icon

  1. Hover over an emoji to display its description and codename.

Figure 2 Emoji window

  1. Type an emoji codename (:codename) directly in the message field to search for it, then select the emoji from the dropdown list to insert it in your message.

Emoji categories

Emoji categories have been placed at the top of the emoji window to help you find the ones you want more easily.

Figure 3 Emoji categories

Skin tones

You can customize the skin tone of some of the emojis.

  1. Click the Hand icon at the bottom-right corner of the emoji window and pick a skin tone (Figure 4). 

Figure 4 Default skin tone selection

The selected skin tone is applied as default to all the relevant emojis (Figure 5).

Figure 5 Default skin tone applied