Transfer workflow

Transferring a call is the ability to send the person you are speaking to over to another telephone number. There are 2 options to perform this action:

  • Attended Transfer: The person performing the transfer can discuss the context of the call with the person that is receiving the transfer prior to completing the transfer.
  • Unattended Transfer: The person performing the transfer leaves the call before the person receiving the transfer has answered the call (also called a blind transfer).

There are three main parties involved in a transfer:

  • Transferor - User performing the transfer.
  • Transferee - User being transferred.
  • Transfer - Target User to whom the call is being transferred.

As the user goes through the workflow of transferring the call there are three main steps, and various options available within each of those steps.

Note: As the user navigates the workflow there is an identifier letting the user know they are performing a Transfer.

  1. Transferor initiates the transfer using the Transfer key.


Note: All the buttons below have tooltips to help the user navigate which buttons perform which function.

  1. Once the transfer has been initiated the transferee will be placed into a transfer hold state and the transferor will see various options in terms of selecting the Transfer Target. At this stage, the transferor has several options available to them:

A: Initiate call to Speed Dial.

B: Initiate call via Dial Pad.

C: Toggle the Dial Pad Menu Closed.

D: Resume call with transferee.


  1. Unattended Transfer: Once the call to the Transfer Target has been initiated the transferor will see the call well go through various states as the call is answered by the Transfer Target. Once the transferor hears ringing, and up until the point the call has been answered by the Transfer Target, the transferor has the option to:

A: Complete transfer.

B: Resume call with transferee.

C:  Mute the call to the Transfer Target.

D: Release the call to Transfer Target.


  1. Attended Transfer: Attended Transfer: Once the Transfer Target answers the call the transferor has all options available to them that were prior to the far end answering and the Dial Pad:

A: Complete transfer.

B:  Resume User being transferred.

C: Mute the call to the Transfer Target.

D: Release the call to Transfer Target.

E: Dial Pad.

Note: The Dial Pad is available in the scenario that the Transfer Target requires tones to be sent, for example a passcode or a menu to navigate (Figure 4):


  1. Confirmation: Lastly, once the transferor has hit the complete transfer option, the call well will return to an idle state. The transferor will get a success message stating that the transfer was completed on the top of their Cloud9 Trader interface.