Create Shoutdown connections

A Shoutdown is the connection type in which you open the line and you are directly shouting down to your counterparty’s speakers. If they want to shout back, they will have to open the line back to you.

To create a Shoutdown connection:

  1. Select the C9 Community icon .
  2. Select the Create Invitation tab.
  3. Select the C9 Community tab.
  4. Select the Financial Community tab.


  1. Select the Firm Name with which you are looking to connect, followed by the trading Group you wish to speak to.
  2. Select Invite.


  1. From the Create an Invitation window, enter the following details.

Connection Type: Shoutdown.

Button Label for your Firm: This is what you will see on the connection.

Button Label for your Counterparty Firm: This is what your counterparty will see on the connection.

Page: Select the page you would like the connection to appear on.

  1. Select Done.


The connection will now be present on your home layout.

Note: Your counterparty needs to accept the invite for it to be live.

Keep in mind that your entire group will also have the ability to accept that invitation. This is designed so that you can have multiple people in your group covering that connection. If you do not want anyone else on that line, ask your team members to decline the connection. You can see who is on the connection on the button (Figure 4).


Note: New invitations will show a red notification for 24 hours. After 24 hours, that connection can be found in the Connections tab instead.