Sign in to the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) for the first time

The Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) provides a greater ability to control and monitor your notifications and makes it easier to resize and switch between multiple workspaces rather than using the browser version.

Download the latest version of the SDA here:

Once downloaded, open the file and follow the steps below to install the application:

1. Select Install.

2. Enter your pod URL and select Continue (Figure 1):


Figure 1 Pod URL

Note: Where companyabc is the name of your pod.

Note: Your pod URL will be provided when your pod is ready.

3. If your company has Single sign-on (SSO) enabled, enter your credentials and select Log in (Figure 2):


Figure 2 Single Sign-On

Note: Refer to the Knowledge Article found here for further information on SSO.

4. If your company does not use SSO, you will need to reset your password before you can sign in to the SDA. Enter your username and select Forgot your password? (Figure 3):


Figure 3 Forgot your password?

Note: Your username was provided to you as a Symphony admin when you first signed up for the platform.

Note: You only need to reset your password the first time you use the SDA.

5. Enter your email address, complete the reCAPTCHA and select Recover Password (Figure 4):


Figure 4 Reset Password

6. Follow the steps in the password reset email and then sign in to the SDA with your username and newly created password.

Note: Please check your junk folder for this email.

Full details on installing the SDA can be found below:

SDA Installation Guide

Further information on signing in to Symphony via the SDA can be found here.