Assigning Super Compliance Officers to a scoping group

To reduce compliance risk, all new Super Compliance Officers (SCO) created are not assigned access to any users. Additionally, providing an existing user with a SCO or Compliance Officer (CO) role does not grant them access to any user or conversation by default.

Note: Accounts assigned the SCO or CO role before the Scope Management feature was introduced (prior to release 1.55) were granted global access by default and they will continue to have access over all users and communications. These SCO accounts are assigned to the Global group.

New SCO must be explicitly assigned a scoping group or groups. Assign a SCO to a scoping group by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal as a user with the Scope Management Role.

  1. From the Accounts section, select Manage Role Scopes.
  2. Select any of the available groups in the Group Name column.
  3. On the group's information page, select the Assignees tab to view the list of SCO assigned to that group.
  4. Select Add Assignees to add an SCO to the group.

  1. Only SCO and CO can be assigned to a scoping group. Therefore, selecting Add Assignees will pre-filter the list of accounts to only display permitted SCO and CO.

Note: You can filter the list further by entering a name.

  1. Find and select the relevant user then select Save to add the selected account as an assignee.

Note: Learn how to limit CO visibility.