How to limit Compliance Officer visibility

Compliance Officers (CO) and Super Compliance officers (SCO) have visibility over any user in the Scoping Groups to which the officers are assigned. 

Accounts assigned the SCO or CO role before the Scope Management feature was introduced are granted global access by being assigned to the Global Scoping Group. They have access over all users and communication. 

Every user is a member of the Global Scoping Group, thereby giving any SCO/CO assigned to that group full visibility to all communication that occurs.

However, users can be assigned to custom Scoping Groups:

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal as a user with the Scope Management Role.


  1. Select Manage Role Scopes.
  2. Select Create Group.
  3. Enter a Name for the group and upload a .csv file with the users the SCO/CO should be able to view when assigned to the group.

The .csv file will overwrite existing members of the group (if there are any). For this reason, be sure the imported .csv file includes everyone who belongs in the group. It can be uploaded at a later time if desired.


  1. Select Save.
  2. Once the group has been saved, the user must assign the SCO/CO to the Scoping Group to give them visibility. Follow this link to learn how to assign a SCO/CO to a Scoping Group.

If the SCO/CO is already assigned to the Global Group, assigning them to the new group will not have any effect. To limit the SCO/CO to the new group, they must be removed from the Global Group and any other group they should not have visibility into.

To remove a SCO/CO group membership:

  1. Open the Scoping Group that the SCO/CO is to be removed from, for example the Global Group.
  2. Select the Assignees tab.
  3. Filter by SCO/CO roles and select the relevant user.
  4. Select Remove Assignee.

If you require further assistance with CO visibility, please contact the Symphony Support team at