Symphony post-maintenance checks

If Symphony needs to conduct any work on your Symphony instance, we advise you to perform the following post-maintenance checks to ensure you are ready for the next business day.

Signing in:

  • Open the SDA (Symphony Desktop Application) or the URL of your Symphony instance on Chrome and confirm you are able to reach the sign in page, or your SSO redirection page if SSO is enabled.
  • Sign in to confirm you can load Symphony and display your chat modules.
  • For Admins and Compliance Officers, additionally check if the Admin Portal is accessible.
  • Open the Symphony mobile app and test signing in similar to the SDA/browser.

Chat messages:

  • Confirm sending and receiving messages in existing chat rooms/direct chats functions as expected.
  • Test @mentions and tags upon message receival.
  • Create new chat rooms of different types, foe example private, public and external.
  • Chat room management such as adding/removing users, chat customization, leaving and deactivating rooms.
  • Behavior of the Activity Feed, notifications, desktop notifications and message sounds upon messages being received.
  • Usage of message options in the module such as code snippets, fonts, attachments, emojis, screenshots (SDA only), input disablement and Chimes.
  • Test features such as saved messages, Signals and tags, Blast messages, searches and wall posts.
  • Check grid layout settings and changing grid positions.
  • Test folder creation and management.
  • Test bot use cases where applicable.

Symphony Meetings:

  • Check that Symphony Meetings launch and close as expected.
  • Controls of audio/video enablement and screen sharing.

Symphony apps:

  • Confirm usage of installed Apps and the access to Symphony Marketplace.


  • UI theme changes from Essential Collaboration to Capital Markets together with general options in the settings menu.
  • Notifications options to be tested where required.
  • Test tab usage and management in Essential Collaboration.
  • Test workspace usage and management in Capital Markets.


  • Access the Admin Portal and test user creation/deactivation where applicable.
  • Check compliance tools for chat rooms and individuals.
  • Confirm content export status and scheduled jobs.
  • Check audit logs for various features used in the Admin Portal.

If any of these checks fail and you require further assistance with your Symphony instance after any maintenance conducted by Symphony, please contact the Symphony Support team at