SSO login issues with SAML

If a user experiences issues with SSO login, they can confirm the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) response to enable further investigations by Symphony Support and/or their internal IT team.

Confirm the SAML response:

  1. Press ctrl+shift+i in the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) or F12 in Google Chrome to display Developer Tools.
  2. Navigate to the Network menu.

  1. Select the Preserve log checkbox.

  1. Search for acs and sign in to Symphony.
  2. Select the acs records and navigate to the header section.
  3. Copy the encrypted SAML Responses.
  4. Navigate to the URL and paste in the SAML Responses copied at step 6.
  5. Select Decode.


  1. Check the exception code from the decoded SAML Response and pass this onto Symphony Support or your internal IT team for further investigation.
    • For organizations using SSO, their user's Symphony username must be same as their login ID in the SSO login page.

Refer to the article describing other Symphony login issues for more information.