Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Integration

Users can monitor and protect sensitive information in Symphony via the Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) integration.

The integration is configured to allow use of the Symantec system to be the single source to create, manage and enforce policies as well as review any violation incidents. The Symphony platform is responsible for posting decrypted content to the Symantec DLP Engine using their Detection REST APIs.

An overview of how the Symantec Data Loss Prevention integration works is below.


  1. A Symphony user sends a secure message to recipient.
  2. The Symphony proxy intercepts the message and sends it to the Symantec DLP integration for analysis.
  3. The Symantec DLP integration analyzes the message content using its DLP policies.
  4. The Symantec DLP integration notifies the Symphony proxy any policy violation and the desired action to be taken, for example, blocking the message.
  5. The Symphony proxy executes the desired action.
  6. The Symantec DLP integration generates a DLP incident in for auditing purposes in the DLP Enforce Mgmt Console.

Full details on the Symantec Data Loss Prevention integration can be found in the SymProxy Product Installation Guide.

If you require further assistance on the Symantec Data Loss Prevention integration, please contact the Symphony Support team at