How to configure multiple company names for a user

Administrators can set different company names for specific users in the same private pod if properly configured. This company information will be displayed on a user's profile. 

Contact your Technical Account Manager, Solutions Architect or the Symphony Support team to raise a change request to include all the company names you would like to have available for display.

Note: This requires an approval process and may take several weeks to complete.

Once the request has been approved and actioned, the Admin/Super Admin for your pod can update a user's company information in the Admin Portal by following the steps below:

1. In Symphony, select the Settings icon and then select Admin Portal.

2. Select Begin Session

3. From Accounts > Browse Accounts, locate the user you wish to update and navigate to the Business Information section (Figure 1):

Figure 1 Business Information

4. Select Company Name and select the desired option for the user (Figure 2):

Figure 2 Company Name

5. Select Save (Figure 3):

Figure 3 Save