Configure delegates to post on your behalf

Note: This entitlement can only be configured by users with administrator access.

Users may enable another person to post on their Wall on their behalf. To configure this option, certain Entitlements must be enabled.
Enable delegates by following these steps:
1. In Symphony, click the Settings cog wheel and select the General tab (Figure 1 and Figure 2):
Figure 1 Settings
Figure 2 General
2. Click Admin Portal (Figure 3):
Figure 3 Admin Portal
3.  Click Edit Entitlements (Figure 4):
Figure 4 Edit Entitlement
4. Ensure Can have delegates from the Edit Entitlements tab is enabled (Figure 5):
Figure 5 Can have delegates
5. Remaining in the Admin Portal, navigate to Browse Accounts and search for the user you wish to enable delegates for (Figure 6):
Figure 6 Browse Accounts
Note: In this scenario, user A will allow user B to post to user A's Wall.
6. When the user is selected, ensure Can have delegates from the Entitlements tab is enabled (Figure 7):
Figure 7 Can have delegates
7. Click Save (Figure 8):


Figure 8 Save

8. Exit the Admin Portal and return to Symphony.
9. As user A, navigate to their profile, click the 3 dots to the right of Edit Profile and click Assign delegates (Figure 9):
Figure 9 Assign delegates
10. Search for user B and select them. The user will appear under Delegates if they have been added successfully (Figure 10):
Figure 10 Assigned delegates
11. To test the entitlement has been enabled, login to Symphony as user B. Navigate to the profile of user A, and attempt to post a message on their behalf (Figure 11):
Figure 11 Write a post on behalf of...
12. Compose a post and publish it to user A's Wall by clicking Send message (Figure 12 and Figure 13):
Figure 12 Send message

Figure 13 Posted message
13. Navigate to user A's Wall and confirm the post is visible.