You can set your mobile app to receive notifications for specific types of events:

  • Direct messages
  • Rooms and group chats
  • Mentions
  • Wall posts
  • Signals

Customizing notifications

  1. To customize notifications, tap Settings in the bottom menu.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Enable or disable push notifications for each event type.

  1. Choose when to receive notifications: always, never, or at scheduled times.

  1. To set priority notifications to always receive notifications from selected users and rooms, turn on the Allow priority notifications option.

  1. Tap Select people or rooms to search for the people and chats (internal or external) you want to include on your priority notification list:
      • People added to your list: You receive all notifications from those contacts, including direct messages, messages in chat rooms and group chats, wall posts, and signals.
      • Room or group chat added to your list: You receive all messages sent in those chats.
  2. Tap SAVE.


Get someone’s attention by tagging them with an @mention.

  1. To tag someone, type @ before the person’s name. Matching names will be displayed as the name is typed.
  2. Tap their name in the list.

When the message is sent, the person @mentioned will receive an alert in their Notifications. Likewise, if someone @mentions you, it will appear in your notifications.

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