Configure the access to apps

A variety of appsbots and integrations from the Symphony Marketplace can be used in conjunction with Symphony to simplify and streamline daily workflows as well as perform other useful, time-saving tasks.

To configure company-wide entitlements for access to apps, bots, and integrations:

  1. In Symphony, select the Settings icon.


  1. Select Admin Portal. This option is only available if you're a designated Administrator with Admin Portal access.
  1. Select Begin Session.

Note: Session Objective and Comments are optional fields and are not required to access the Admin Portal.

  1. Navigate to APP SETTINGS under Apps.

  1. Set the Global Status for each app to either Enabled or Disabled depending on what you wish users to be able to access.

  1. Additionally, you can set app visibility to either Hidden or Visible to determine whether users can see the application in the Symphony Marketplace.

  1. Finally, set the Installation field to either Automatic or Manual to determine whether the app is automatically pre-installed for all users, or needs to be manually installed:

Please refer to the latest version of the Symphony Admin Guide for further information on apps.