Import tickers from your Bloomberg portfolio

To import tickers from Bloomberg into the Insights platform, you need first to export the tickers from your Bloomberg portfolio. There are several different ways to export a list of tickers in a Portfolio from Bloomberg Terminal. One option is exporting through the PRTU command which is the Portfolio Administration screen.

Note: You can use any other method to export your list of tickers as long as it exports to Microsoft Excel.

To import the exported data from the Excel file into the Insights platform:

  1. Open the file containing the list of tickers in Microsoft Excel.

The file contains excess data that needs to be removed.

  1. Remove all information in cells above the list of tickers.

  1. Enter Ticker in cell A1.

This allows the Insights Platform to recognize the list of tickers and display them in your portfolio.

  1. Select Create Watchlist to import the tickers list.
  2. Select Import from Bloomberg Exported File.

  1. Select an Import option:
    1. Create a new Watchlist, or
    2. Add to an existing Watchlist.
  2. Select Next.