Deception Analysis

Amenity’s Deception NLP model harnesses the power of psychology and financial expertise to derive the most valuable insight from the least structured parts of earnings calls, like Q&A.

Deception Analysis acts as a lens, allowing you to quantify instances when executives are less than clear and pick up on speech patterns like evasion, jargon, negative clichés and stalls that are otherwise missed when analyzing an earnings call.

The key features of Deception Analysis are:

  • Quantify clarity in management speech patterns over time.
  • Filter by topic, sector, cohort, and more for granular or macro views.
  • Interactive Dashboard access enables deeper research on a company.

This allows you to identify red flags and hidden truths that drive new research, position yourself to manage risks and exposures in the stocks you own and tell your investing story with boardroom ready visualizations of your data.