Getting Started as an Admin

Get ready for Symphony!
Sign in to and out of the Admin Portal for the first time
Sign in to Symphony via Google Chrome for the first time
Sign in to the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA) for the first time
Sign in to the Symphony mobile app for the first time

Apps, Bots and Integrations

Configure the access to apps

Access and Navigation

Navigate the Admin Portal

Company Settings

Allow external communication
Configure default company entitlements
Configure individual user entitlements
Configure LDAP sync
Disable single sign-on (SSO)
Enable single sign-on (SSO)


Audit trails
Ban members
Compliance Officers
Configure expression filters
Content export - file encryption/decryption
Content export - render HTML data in Actiance Vantage

Error Messages

Allow CA Renewals parameter setter must be called to initialize KeyManagerService class
A network error interrupted SSO mobile error
Citrix VDI Client disconnected due to failure using SDA (Windows)
Content Export not found error
Could not decrypt this message or failed to send error message
Datafeed error

How-to Guides

Check if a user has communicated externally
Check the Symphony instance you're connected to
Clear your cache
Disable disclaimers for specific users
How to access content export SFTP with RSA encryption configured via FileZilla and WinSCP
How to add a new line in the text area element

Log Files

AES GCM encryption error in Key Manager (KM) logs
Capture Android logs
Capture Android traffic with Fiddler
Capture client profile logs
Capture Console logs
Capture crash dump logs

Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Integration

Team Management and Accounts

Account usage statistics
Browse accounts
Change account information
Create a new admin account
Create a new compliance account
Create a new end user account


Accessing a test instance on mobile
Accessing Symphony Analytics documentation
Accessing the admin guide via the Admin Portal
Are Symphony messages secure?
Assigning Super Compliance Officers to a scoping group
Bluetooth headset not detected