Capture Symphony logs in Salesforce

There are several ways to track and view the logs for Symphony and the related actions from within Salesforce:

Create a user trace flag to track platform events

For flows, you will need to first create a user trace flag for the Automated Process user in the debug logs.

  1. Navigate to Setup and search for Debug Logs.

  1. Select New from User Trace Flags.

  1. Inside your user trace, apply the following:
    1. Set an Expiration Date that ensures enough time to run your scenario.
    2. Click the magnifying glass icon and select Debug Level = SFDC_DevConsole.

A User Trace Flag will be created for the Automated Process user that actually runs the Flows.

Run your flow and retrieve the debug logs

Once you’ve run your flow, your logs will be displayed as shown below:


Select the logs related to the Automated Process user.

View logs of executed apex code of LWC

To view the logs of the executed apex code of LWC:

  1. Select the settings icon , and then select Developer Console.

A separate tab will open, displaying the Developer Console.

  1. Select the Logs tab. The log should start to populate as actions are performed on the LWC, for example opening or submitting an item. Note that some logs are triggered by validation processes and other tools rather than the LWC.

  1. When a log with errors is located, send all the new logs created after this action to the Symphony Support team at

Note: If the files are too large to email, inform the Symphony Support team. They can arrange to receive it using a secure file transfer site, Filevault.

View the trigger and record triggered Flow logs

After updating a record, two or more logs will be added. The main log, which is longer, is the trigger execution log, followed by the record triggered flow logs.

Locate an issue in the bot logs

If no logs are failing, the issue could be due to the connectivity of the bot, for example the emp connector may need to be connected again. Reconnect the emp connector by following these steps:

  1. Open the Admin tab of the Salesforce app.
  2. Select your organization.
  3. Add a letter to the username of the emp conector.
  4. Select Save. An error should appear as the username is now incorrect.
  5. Close the error banner.
  6. Remove the letter added to the username in step 3.
  7. Select Save.

Alternatively, an issue could have happened within the bot itself, therefore the bot logs should be retrieved to determine the issue.