Symphony Salesforce integration

The Symphony Salesforce integration permits two-way communication between Symphony and Salesforce allowing you to stay on top of what’s happening in Salesforce, quickly find key information, and keep Salesforce up-to-date with your customer, prospect and case interactions.

All of the above can be achieved without losing the context of your Symphony conversations.

Some of the key benefits of the Symphony Salesforce integration are detailed below:

  • Be notified of relevant Salesforce updates and stay in control.
  • Keep Salesforce updated right from within your Symphony rooms and avoid context switching.
  • Easily find key information such as next tasks and account contacts using your room context.
  • Interact on Symphony about your account, opportunity or case without leaving Salesforce.

Full details on the Symphony Salesforce integration can be found in the Salesforce for Symphony Installation Guide.

If you require further assistance on the Symphony Salesforce integration, please contact the Symphony Support team at